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50 Year of Smurfs has to be celebrated ofcours!
So here and there all kind of celebrational activities can be found.

All over Europe the smurfs are on their Eurotour with Unicef (, which started in France (AngoulÍme 25/1/2008), and as a second city visited Scheveningen (15/02/2008) in the Netherlands.
We didn't catch the ones which where hidden there in the night of Valentines Day, but we bought a few at the exhibition stand...

And of cours here we have Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn ( who made a huge campagne of it with 29 million little ones (15 variations), and one million pluche Smurfs and Smurfettes.
Just a few days after the start of the campagne we managed to find 8 of them, and the 2 pluche ones, and of cours now we have them complete!

AH always has menu's you can make from their products. During the Smurf promotional period, they also had special smurfy menu's.
Books will be put up in a separate section, but here is also an impresion of books/strip albums specially issued or re-issued for the celebration of 50 years of smurfs.

Play Along, a division of JAKKS introduced in 2008/2009 a new range of smurfs. They also had a special Pluche 50th aniversary edition, with a little Golden Smurf, a first scetch copy and a DVD as extra's

Later on the same Play Along Smurfs were just release under the JAKKS brand name.

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Smurfs 50! (2008)

Smurfs 50 Year
Eurotour 2008

Smurfs 50! (2008)

Smurfs 50
Tree apples high..

Eurotour (2008)


Scheveningen (2008)


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AH Promo Action

2008-01 (2008)

Luilak Smurf

2008-02 (2008)

Baby Smurf

2008-03 (2008)

Voetbal Smurf

2008-04 (2008)

Klus Smurf

2008-05 (2008)


2008-06 (2008)

Lol Smurf

2008-07 (2008)

Mopper Smurf

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2008-08 (2008)

Grote Smurf

2008-09 (2008)

Boodschappen Smurf

2008-10 (2008)


2008-11 (2008)


2008-12 (2008)

Potige Smurf

2008-13 (2008)

Muziek Smurf

2008-14 (2008)

Bak Smurf

2008-15 (2008)

Bril Smurf

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2008-01 (2008)

Pluche Smurf

2008-02 (2008)

Pluche Smurfette


AH Package


AH Collection Box

Smurf Menu(2008)

AH Smurfy Menu's

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PAP001 (2008)

Pluche 50!
Singing Smurf

PAG001 (2008)

Golden Smurf

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2008-01 (2008)

Smurf Albums

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