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Pluche 1(1981)

Wallace Berrie

Pluche 6(19??)

Smurf Hand Doll
Wallace Berrie

Pluche 4(1988)

Papa, Puppy SA

Pluche 5(1988)

Nat, Puppy SA

Pluche 2(1993)

Clown, Puppy SA

Pluche 3(1993)

Smurf, Puppy SA

2008 Albert Heijn and Play Along 50 year Smurfs celebration..Pluche Smurfs and Smurfette          >> go to top

See the Promos - Albert Heijn section to see more from the AH series
2008-01 (2008)

Pluche Smurf

2008-02 (2008)

Pluche Smurfette

PAP-001 (2008)

Play Along 50!
singing Smurf

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