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Hello! Welcome at Ron & Aly's Smurf Pages.

If you search on the net, you will find some links to Smurf pages and Forums.
Here just a few links, to pages we like and happen to know.

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Come and see the Smurf fair near Gent on november 8, 2009!
Blue Paradise

Blue Cavern Community Forum, we are here as well as "Arnhem Smurfs". Lot's of activity and info.
Blue Cavern Community Forum

Brad lives in Adelaide, Australia and has been a smurf fan for as long as he can remember
Brad's Smurf Collection

Maureen from Tennesee has a large collection and a site where you find a lot of information
Hidden in the Woods

Hilary from Essex, UK has a wide variety of Smurfs!
Blue Spirits

Ron (what's in a name..) Visser has a been a Smurf fan since childhood. Check out his brand new website!
The Blue Collection

Dyar's, or Syd's site Sgt Papas is a great source of information about Smurfs!
Sgt Papas SMURF Club

Raelene, another australian collector with a nice site!
Rae's Little Blue Guys

Gerda, from Ripon, Wisconsin has a large collection of all kind of smurfs and smurf related items!
Kicking The Blues

Christy, from Belgium, indeed as she says herself from the "Home of the Smurfs", has a wonderfull collection!
Christy's Blue Village

Christophe, from France, has a nice collection!
Le petit village des schtroumpfs de Normandie

Dutch Foundation of Smurf Collectors
Stichting van Smurfenverzamelaars

The Homepage from IMPS, to were all Smurfy things are licensed to and of cours from the Smurfs creator Peyo.
IMPS - Peyo's Smurf Homepage

Many of the Smurf you see here are from Schleich, this is their official page
Schleich Homepage

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