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In 1998 40 Year of Smurfs was celebrated with a big box jubileum set
The set consist of a big round display with a rockband. The band consists of jubileum (silver) versions of the guitar smurf (20449), the bass guitar player (20450), a singer (20451), super keyboard player (40250) and completed by a jubileum version of the drummer playset(40623).

In 1985 it was 20 years since the first smurf figurines appeared from Schleich. This was celebrated with a re-issue of a smurf from the years 1965 till 1985. Since no smurfs where made in 1967 and 1968 that makes a total of 19 smurfs. So far we just have one of these...

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Smurfs 40! (1998)

Smurfs 40 Year

Smurfs 40! (1998)


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Bass player





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This VHS video was released during the Smurfs 40th jubileum.
The video contains the original cinema movie as was in cinema's here in the Netherlands in 1977.
It is mentioned on Vader Abraham's LP cover "Vader Abraham in Smurfenland", which was released short before the 20th aniversary.

VID 1(1998)

De Fluit en de zes smurfen

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406 JU (1988)

Jubileum 30

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20062JU (1980)


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BC001 (2009)

Blue Cavern 5 years
certificated nr 48

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