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Hello! Welcome at Ron & Aly's Smurf Pages.
When you collect Smurfs, you have to display them!

We collect Smurfs, not Smurf boxes or packagings.
So it is also for us very nice to have or get super Smurfs in old boxes, or mint-in-package Happy Meal or Toy Island Smurfs. And yes, we keep these all nicely stored away.

But our collection of Smurfs itself, is really displaying Smurfs! So here an impression!

We really hope you enjoy our collection!
Let's start with the living room, where our "Normals" and "Supers" are displayed, as well with some other categories of Smurfs.

Even in the bathroom is a display with some Smurfs: Promo, Easter, Christmas...

This is not really our are mostly doubles!
The row of fakes in the middle is part of our "real" collection, and so are the Bundesliga green display boxes (but we don't have any Bundesliga Smurf...yet...).

We have some promotional signs used by Albert Heijn (2008). Pics of the display behind them will follow soon, have to rearrange them a bit!

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