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Hello! Welcome at Ron & Aly's Smurf Pages.

Here a little bit about us:

We are a couple of Smurf fans and collectors living in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Both of us have I guess always found these little blue creatures quite interesting, but shortly after we met, we happened to run into a few.
So we bought them, and from somewhere in 2005 we really started a little collection when we bought some more smurfs at "Harlekijn" in Arnhem.
The collection got bigger at first by finding some more Smurfs in Arnhem at strip-albums shop "De Noorman" and some trips to Frans Seuren's "Papa Smurf Shop" in Venlo.
Soon we did not find so much new there anymore, but we found them sort of everywhere, and of cours also E-Bay helped a lot. Everywhere even meaning that some of our Schönwald smurfs we really got there...

We really hope you enjoy our collection!
Ah, yes, above is actually more about our collection than about us.

Well, Ron is from the Netherlands, Aly is from Romania and we are married in 2006.
One short line, but about us is a lot more to see on our homepage, so please click the little "Home" button above and read some more there! You will find pictures there of our marriage, pictures from the Netherlands and Romania, and also for instance very nice flower pictures as taken at our worldfamous "Keukenhof" exhibition.

And please sign the guestbook which you will find in the menu!

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