Our wedding day ~ 21 July 2006, Rozendaal (Gelderland)

a lovely "bruidskapsel" a la Jessica

and a naughty smile

on our doorstep with Fred...

with Nuti and Florin...

with Carmen and Neil...   

with Carmen and Neil...

on our doorstep

Neil with Luca and Carmen, over from England

in front of cityhall...

"Ambtenaar van de burgelijke stand"

we are ready...

listening to a very nich speech...

exchanging of the rings...

makes it for real!

we are married !!!

but to make it really official...

ready to sign!

Aly signing

Ron signing





Ron's father, Fred with aunt Ans


Serenade from Trompetterkorps Stal Mansour


"Mix" likes horsefood better than flowers...

Just Married...

parade to Résidence Roosendael

you can hear us comming

almost there

posing at the Residence

with Mix and Entertainer

Ron - Carmen - Aly

Are we too late?

Nuti, Florin, Fred, Ron & Aly

Ready for the cake!

and a nice one!

a nice straight cut

the cake moment... (click above 4 a big img)

That tastes wonderfull :-)

Aly posing with our smurfs

Ron, Aly and smurfs

Aly and Cosmina

Us, Carmen and the smurfs

what a view...

what a couple!

a kiss...

just us

you like my dress?

I do! I do!

on a sunny day

a picnic?


Running around...

Florin, Nuti, Ron, Aly & Fred

with Yarob and Zayban

all the afternoon guests

with Wouter & Cosmina and Carmen & Neil

with Wouter & Cosmina and Carmen & Neil

Aly with Cosmina and Carmen

Aly with Cosmina and Carmen

Nuti, Aly, Cosmina & Florin

Pe brings out a toast

The Hunting Lodge