Our holiday to Italy -  5 June till 15 June 2004
(PART TWO, Italy...)

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6 June - Arrival Gennazano

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Finally in Italy, sunday 6 june 2004...a little south of Bologna

And somewhere in the evening we were at Maria's and Dan's place...Genazzano, 40 km east of Rome

      And we made somebody happy with a real original pair of wooden shoes...  


7 June - Palestrina & Capranica Prenestrina

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The view from their place:
         Rocca de Cave       and       Capranica Prenestrina

Aly and Maria in Palestrina,  Castel San Pietro Romano

Looking down at Palestrina        and            in the direction of Rome

Our guide...

From Capranica Prenestrina you have a perfect view towards Maria and Dan's place...and to Rocca de Cave

Click on the pic below to see where their house is...


8 June - Colloseum

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Around Maria's and Dan's place again... 
Liviu's dog "Stress" and the (visiting) cat(s)

 <- Aly and Maria ->

With Maria a visit to Rome, Colloseum and surrounding Area...
Piazza Venezia

Vittoriano                           Constantin Arch

Colloseum... amazing isn't it ?

9-10.06.2004 Genazzano

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Maria's birthday, the BBQ...

A new use for a Jacuzzi pump... 

Genazzano... by night and by day...

More at Maria and Dan's place..

and "Stress" (Liviu's dog)


11.06.2004 Seaside

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A day at the seaside, somewhere south of  Lido de Ostia

 The end of a day at the beach...

ended with dining at a place called "L'Antico Borgo" in Pratica di Mare near Pomezia, 25 km south of Rome.

Maria   Dan

Ron Aly

12.06.2004 Family Affairs

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Maria, Dan, Liviu, Gabrielle, Ron and Aly...Breakfast...at 12 o'clock?
PS...nice pink..red..yellow rose....

 Drinking Espresso..a serious matter....

A day on the road again with Maria and Dan,
First to Dan's brother for a lunch, in the suburbs of 

....and then further to Castel San Pietro, Capranica Prenestrina and Rocca de Cave

(pics below) search for the 9 differences

Click on the left pick below to see the high resolution pics of  Dan and Maria's place again, 
as seen from Capranica (left). On the right the view from Rocca de Cave

Rocca de Cave

13.06.2004 Goodbye Genazzano

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Goodbye Genazzano.....

Goodbye Italy - Trento.....

A few countries to cross back home, but we stayed one night in Matrei, close to Innsbruck and close to the Europabrücke

Home sweet home....

 Blooming Jasmin ...







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